“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” ─ William Arthur Ward

Who We Are

We are fascinated by how languages and cultures are changing at a rapid pace now thanks to travel, technology, and the global Internet. And it has only been accelerated over the last 20 years. The world is changing. The way we as humans communicate are changing. Language is changing. Culture will change.

We decided to focus on putting knowledge, research, and thoughts together on the topic – and The Diacritics seemed an appropriate term to explore discerning through language.

This is meant to be a scholarly yet intriguing forum for anyone interested in this topic to learn about language so we can all better understand people, things and situations.

Now more than ever before it is important to learn how to navigate the languages of the world, because technology is bringing many countries and cultures closer together every day.

Our goal is to inspire others to develop their own methods of rethinking how language is changing, for better communication in the future.